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Handy Password USB 4.2.1

Handy Password USB 4.2.1: Save and fill form details automatically, log into sites with a single click. Fill out forms and log into sites automatically with Handy Password. This Password Manager can save securely your logins and passwords to a encrypted database, generate random passwords. You can keep your passwords database on an email server and easily access it from anywhere. Installed on a USB drive, Handy Password can be used on any PC you are working at without installing the program on this machine.

Handy Password manager 4.9: Enterprise and home password manager: automatic login and form filling.
Handy Password manager 4.9

Password against unauthorized access. This way all user data are secured against theft. Moreover, Handy Password may perform password recovery operations in case you fully or partially lost or forgot a password. In addition, Handy Password allows multiple users to access password database using either administrator or user rights. Employees can access accounts without knowing corporate account passwords. To ensure Handy Password database protection

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SecureLogin my PC 1.2: Savernova replaces your static password on your PC with a secure one-time passwo
SecureLogin my PC 1.2

Savernova replaces your static password on your PC with a secure one-time password, generating a new password every time you log onto your computer. You no longer need to make a note of complex passwords: all you need to do is remember a method for generating your password. SecureLogin is based on the SAVERNOVA password card: each card features a unique combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters.

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Easy Keyboard Logger 1.0: The world`s coolest keyboard logger!
Easy Keyboard Logger 1.0

Logger can record every keystroke made on your computer! It is completely undetectable and starts up whenever your computer starts up! It can log everything being typed, including input for emails, messages, documents, web pages, usernames, passwords, and so on. What features does it provide? * Records every keystroke on any window. * Can log specified applications. * Can log Windows password box only. * Runs automatically when your computer starts

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LastPass Password Manager 1.75.0: LastPass is the last password you`ll have to remember, a password manager.
LastPass Password Manager 1.75.0

passwords from other password managers such as Roboform, KeePass, PasswordSafe, MyPasswordSafe, Firefox and IE`s built in password manager - Exporting your data always available in plugin and website. - In windows, helps you recover lost passwords stored on your computer - Capture passwords that other password managers will not capture like those done in AJAX logins, and multi-step logins like Bank Of America, and frustrating sites like ING bank. -

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Web Login Manager 1.22: Browser Password Manager. Easy to use and edit saved login profiles.
Web Login Manager 1.22

Login Manager is an Internet Explorer Password Manager that enables you to automatically log in to your favorite web sites with just one click. It seamlessly integrated with Internet Explorer and is accessible from a toolbar that becomes a part of Internet Explorer, HTML page context menu or Internet Explorer main menu. Web Login Password Manager saves all login information from web form as your profile to protected encrypted location on your computer

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Cute Password Manager 2010.1.3.8: Login and fill forms with just a few mouse clicks.
Cute Password Manager 2010.1.3.8

Password Manager logs you into Web sites and fills forms faster, easier, and more securely. Cute Password Manager memorizes each user ID and password the first time you log into a site and automatically supplies them when you return. Cute Password Manager can help you secure your passwords from spyware, trojans, and Phishing. Cute Password Manager Key Features Include: -Memorizes all your passwords and logs you in automatically. -Saves & fills out

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